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During another family visit to the pool Bailey was involved in a small incident where he had attempted to climb out of the pool and had slipped back and fell into deeper water.

As we rushed to his aid, much to our surprise, Bailey had happily surfaced after a couple of seconds and was doggy paddling his way back to the ledge.

Now, just six months later, he is excited about swimming, striving to participate and working towards getting certificates.

We attribute this success to the patience and efforts of the Paul Sadler Swimland Taylors Lakes staff.

Now that you’re Broadway stars, what are your dream roles? You have to start somewhere, though, and I just figured getting a BA would be the ticket ... Princeton: I think Sesame Street is a (positive step) for the very very young, to find their dreams and follow their ambitions. Q: You’re quintessential urbanites: is there something empowering about living in a neighbourhood in a big city?

(sigh) True, there’s not much you can do with it, immediately. Whereas I feel that our experience in Avenue Q is to present a more mature view ... If there’s anything we haven’t solved yet, we get to solve it during the show. Q: Speaking of eight times a week, that sounds like a punishing showbiz regime. Kate: You get to see so many different kinds of people, in all walks of life.

Working closely with Kristy (Teacher), Bailey began to show signs of confidence in the water.There’s a real world out of there, and there’s an element of daydreaming in childhood. Princeton: Avenue Q is a real melting pot of people, monsters, every colour, every fabric; celebrities, washed-up celebrities.Q: Avenue Q is a show that speaks to regrets about growing up and maybe making mistakes. Princeton: Your 20s are the time to make some of those mistakes ... Q: How do you find love in the big, chaotic sensory-overload city? Don’t go running after the first person if it’s not quite right. Do you have thoughts about the impending election here?Avenue Q isn’t just down the block from Sesame Street.It’s there, in a low-rent outer borough of the Big Apple, that we meet the young adult post-collegiate self-doubters who can’t quite figure out what happened to the bright Sesame certainties of childhood. and wondering what he’s supposed to be doing with his life.

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