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by Mario Vargas Llosa (translated by Edith Grossman) is a politically charged detective novel and a thrilling tale of desire and Peruvian corruption that swirls around a scandalous exposé that leads to murder (available February 6, 2018).

In the 1990s, during the turbulent and deeply corrupt years of Alberto Fujimori’s presidency, two wealthy couples of Lima’s high society become embroiled in a disturbing vortex of erotic adventures and politically driven blackmail.

With the help of Jim Sykes and Mrs Sugden, Kate sets about investigating the deaths -and whether there is a murderer in the company.

When Selina's elusive husband Jarrod–who was injured in the war and is subject to violent mood swings―comes back on the scene, Kate beginsto imagine something far deadlier at play, and wonders just who will be next topay the ultimate price for fame..

Just from its NSFW (albeit censored) title, one can judge that the show already has a bit of a punk gene to it.During the eclipse, Selina's friend and co-star Billy Moffatt disappears and is later found dead in the chapel grounds.Kate can't help but dig deeper and soon learns that two other members of the theatre troupe died in similarly mysterious circumstances in the past year.Fed up with her restricting family, Alyssa pressures James into stealing his father’s car, and they go on a road trip with nary a set destination. It's sanity...] , is the inaugural title in her cozy Lobster Shack Mystery series—and she dutifully researched her topic by commencing a tour of such eateries throughout New England. She’s allergic to lobster.) As the story opens, readers are introduced to Allie Larkin, who had been living her dream as a dancer with the New England Ballet Theater until a broken ankle felled her.To help pass the time until she’s fully recovered, Allie has moved in with her Aunt Gully—a recent widow who’s found new purpose in owning and operating the Lazy Mermaid, an up-and-coming lobster shack located in the fictitious coastal town of Mystic Bay, Connecticut.

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