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Now, of course, I am divorced and don't care about it any more... Swinging is mostly about the sex and deeper, romantic bonds are generally not created between the participants.

Living a poly lifestyle generally means you are involved in a serious relationship with more than one person.

Buddhist temples offer a similar lifestyle, as do some Sufi retreats.

Modern Christian monasteries often allow one to live in total silence, which can be really nice if you’re dropping out to ‘get away from it all,’ including talking to people.

Sherlock No, I think it just means multiple partners, as in "swinging"....

I had quite an obsession with that when I was married - I wanted to try it and my hubby didn't... I assume the original poster meant polyamorus, which basically means have more than one love.

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Now, of course, I am divorced and don't care about it any more... Usually, poly reffers to the swapping, swinging crowd. Before I did my long term thing, I used to be pretty active in that crowd.

You often don’t need any money to participate, assuming you can help out with chores, are an asset to the community and get along well with others.

If you have a small donation to give at the beginning of your stay, your contribution will help offset community costs and help solidify a place for yourself in the community.

Sometimes its a little difficult to meet the people into this, but nearly every city has a few circles. It was rather interesting I must say, but not my cup of tea.

If you're asking about polyamory, not polygamy or swinging, you can read about it on has some good info, too I would love to find more than one person to love me but so far finding one is proving to be impossible. I was in a typical couple type relationship at the time or I might have joined them. Now this ‘thread’ could not have come at a better time.

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