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While there are fewer and fewer rights and obligations attached to married couples which do not attach to de facto couples—a status currently encompassing same-sex couples in most legal contexts—supporters of gay rights argue this is not enough, and that the remaining differences are unacceptable.

Thus, civil unions and domestic partner registries are regarded as insufficient and, for true equality, same-sex couples must have the right to marry.

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There is an argument that the Hague Marriage Convention requires signatory countries (Australia is one) to recognise overseas same-sex marriages.

This includes how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and what you can do if you do get pregnant.

Find out more about how the law applies to contraception and pregnancy.

He did not see the issue as a priority for a Coalition Government.

A number of Coalition members have indicated however that they would support marriage equality if the party room determines a conscience vote is available.

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