Browser not updating favicon apimentadas online dating

you can add this to your header tracking codes is the favicon image name, which can be any valid image name, and type.

If you don't already have an ico file converter this one is easy to use: ICO converter Hello Darren Please let me know if Gop's solution helped you.

The fix could have been shorter and faster, by deleting the complete caches from your browser it would have been updated without trying the above fixes, but it's not always wiser to use easier solution.

The reason we didn't clear the complete cache was that it would have removed caches of every webpage and you don't want to lose all important information from your browser.

- Refresh the page again (If no icon in IE now your document is in a sub directory.

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I learned by trial and error so there very well could be an easier method and hopefully someone will share it. Hello Deepak There is a number of suggestions on this thread to solve the problem for Internet Explorer. Apart from that, I'm afraid that there's not much we can do for you from our side because this issue is related to Internet Explorer.I even changed the file extension to .testthisext and it worked fine in chrome when adding Hi Teri, If you converted the jpeg/gif/png image to with the converter next step is to load the ico file into the very first directory of your webhost.This may be the root folder or public html depending what you are working with.If you aren't able to make it work, please leave everything around your favicon in your Yola account as it is now, so our specialists can investigate. Hello Darren I think what might be the reason it doesn't work is that Internet Explorer struggles to interprete favicons which don't have the format.Or if the ico file was created by renaming a gif or jpg, use the following site to auto convert the original image file into an ico file: uploading the new ico file, delete the previous file and clear the IE cache. If I see it correctly, the file type of your favicon is instead of

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