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Now, at age 67, I wish I had another child and possibly more grandchildren.It has not changed my view of life, and I still am married to the same man, and I love him still.Readers who are on the fence about whether to have kids—along with parents and child-free folks who have already made the decision—discuss their personal pros, cons, and gut-level reactions to the idea of parenthood.

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I love the idea that I could still be myself, only with a kid.Tanya and her husband had different plans about parenthood at first: Briefly, I babysat for hundreds of hours when I was a teen and grew to hate children.My husband and I never discussed whether we would have them before marriage, but for our third wedding anniversary, I cried and blubbered (over a few beers) that if he wanted children, he should leave me because I wasn't inclined toward motherhood.The thing is, about a year ago I started watching my friends and cousins with their kids, and something did start to change.The easy thing to say would be that now that I’m 36, I’ve done all of the things I wanted to: I got a graduate degree, launched my career, am making good money, have traveled extensively, and had a ton of life experiences.

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