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If the Bomber is captured from a normal attack, the Bomber will Capture the attacking Piece.

If the Bomber captures a Piece, It will itself be captured.

An EO/IR pod already has been demonstrated on the B-52, while plans to equip the B-1 are being finalized.

Certification of the JASSM missiles on the B-1B is nearly complete and due to begin fielding on the aircraft in July.

A well-publicized example of this was the retargeting of a JDAM-laden B-1B over Iraq to attack a suspected Saddam Hussein meeting place—all completed within 12 minutes. Air Force wants to further reduce the time between target detection and destruction by better plugging in bombers to network-centric operations. The B-52H fleet is about to embark on its own Avionics Modernization Improvement.

The B-1B currently relies on UHF satellite communications, ARC-210 radios and "quasi-networked" low-bandwidth data links to receive target updates. The B-1B is scheduled to receive the Joint Tactical Radio System, and a small number of aircraft will get Link 16 data links and laptop displays. This includes replacement of obsolete 1970s-era avionics, which are the equivalent of Commodore 64 computers in terms of processing power, with a faster, more powerful and reliable control unit.

Furthermore, Bomber is essentially useless against ranged or magic pieces, such as Pyromancer, Archer, Ranger, Dryad, Soul Keeper, Lilith, Slime (not magic, but turns into two more slimes if it captures bomber), or Poisonmage.

"The radar upgrade would combine off-the-shelf receiver, processor and transmitter technology, already developed for fighters like the F/A-22 and F-16, with the B-1B's existing mechanically scanned antenna," Parke explained.(Link 16 is an overriding Department of Defense term that describes various Fighter Data Link systems to allow high-capacity, secure data links between fighter aircraft, command and intelligence aircraft, ground stations, and U. The aircraft's Inertial Navigation System will be replaced by Ring Laser Gyro technology.The AMI provides a digital building block for further enhancements.This builds on earlier development work done under the Situational Awareness Defensive Improvement effort and adds a receiver and outboard under wing jamming pods. Because of connectivity and the emergence of GPS-guided weapons, the U. Air Force has been able to use its bombers in ways that no one could foresee, such as providing tactical air support to fast-moving forces on the ground.The intent is to fully equip B-52s for the AEA mission to supplement the U. There is now a push to add Electro-Optical/Infrared targeting pods to enable the B-1B and B-52H to positively identify targets and drop laser-guided bombs.

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